Thursday, March 13, 2014

18k Words in BB

     This one has a chance of being a full-length novel.  And the road is rolling out in front of me with startling clarity.  What a thrill this is!  To write and see a story come alive in your mind.  I would rather write than watch a movie any day.
     I am trying some new things with this project.  I have multiple characters with their own stories and I am giving more attention to that than I have previously.  It feels really good.  I like the way it adds depth.  It feels more real.  And it gives me more material -- which is why I think I may make it to 50k this time.
     I have passed the 18,000 word mark now.  It sounds strange to say that at this point my two main characters have just met for the first time, but you will not think it strange when you read the book.  I assure you that neither character has been wasting time.  I am, after all, only 21 days into the story.
     I can hardly wait to share it with you!

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