Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jacob Answers Questions

1. Where did you come from?  A little village called Runtford, near the castle.
2. How old are you?  I don't know -- you will have to ask Rachel.  She remembers ages and birthdays and other similarly useless facts. 
3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?  Quick mind.  Impartial judge of people.  Reader of men's characters.  Able to spot a lie.  Strong sense of right and wrong.  Not a lot of patience for silliness.  Prone to action (regardless of logic or insurmountable odds) if my sense of right and wrong dictates it.
4. How did you meet Rachel?  When I was a boy, there was a bull in a fence behind the blacksmith shop.  Everyone knew to leave that bull alone.  I was heading home one day, and I saw the bull pawing and snorting.  Then I saw this little girl, smaller than myself, standing in the pen like fool.  I looked at that pale face that should have been rosy, the dark curly hair, and the big frightened eyes.  She was going to get trampled for certain.  I couldn't leave her there.  I darted into the pen and dragged her to safety.
5. How did you meet the princess?  I had been in a cell for weeks, plotting some way of escape.  The best I had been able to do was locate the resting place of a set of cell keys.  How I was going to retrieve them was a different story.  It seemed impossible.  Then I heard shuffling footsteps of someone feeling their way through the dark; I was sure one of the prisoners from another tunnel had gotten free.  I could hardly believe it.  If only I could convince this prisoner to get the keys, we might both have a better chance.  But then it turned out that the footsteps did not belong to an escapee after all.  They only belonged to a wandering princess.  Ha...I knew I couldn't expect much help from that quarter.  So that's how we met.

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