Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rachel Answers Questions

1. Where are you from?
     I am originally from Penty Village, but I have spent most of my years in a little town called Runtford -- not far from the castle.
2. What is your greatest hope?
    Before the story started, I suppose my greatest hope was...well...there is a young man...I suppose there is no need to hide anything from you...there is a young man whom I love very deeply...and my greatest hope was that he would ask me to marry him.  There!  That was my greatest hope.
3. What do you pray for?
     I pray for the young man that I love - that he would prosper and do well, that he would always be secure in the love of the Lord, that he would walk in wisdom.  I pray for my little town - that change would come for the better, that the injustice and cruelties would stop, that our food would not be taken away.  I pray for the kingdom - that God would turn the hearts of our leaders toward Himself.
4. What is your greatest fear?
     I try to not be fearful.  The Lord tells us to be anxious for nothing.  He tells us that He has not given us a spirit of fear.  I remind myself of that often - sometimes it is hard when that dungeon brute is in town.  I fear for Jacob.  Then I go home and spend time in prayer to remind myself that I need not be afraid when God is on my side.
5. Do you have any pets?
     No, I don't.  Poor people cannot afford to feed extra mouths.
     Oh, Jacob is teasing me!  He says I had a pet bull once.  That is not true.  I only took a shortcut through its field one time, and I never did it again.  By the way, he and I have two slightly different versions of that story...

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