Friday, March 14, 2014

Inspiring Things Like Skeletons and Experiments

     Two other bloggers have recently posted things that I have found inspiring.  One was a post by Rachel Heffington called Skeletons, Blog Design, and a British Holiday .  The other was a post by Anne-girl called An Experiment .
     The Skeleton post was inspiring because it talked about building on your first draft.  Sometimes I cringe part-way through a project as I realize that it is nowhere near publishing quality.  But Rachel points out that this is okay -- no one writes a story that is perfect on the first draft.  Instead we should view our first draft as a sort of skeleton to then build the story on.
     This was also an encouragement to start building more into Dungeon, which has been sitting rather idly this week.
     The experiment post was about writing separate storylines for each of your main characters and then putting them together at the end.  I have really been thinking about doing this for BB, as I have multiple strands swirling in my head.  So it was neat to see that someone else is trying it, and that is an encouragment to go ahead and try it myself.  We will see how it goes.
     By the way, BB currently has almost 19k words.  I am pleased with its progress...even if it is just a skeleton.  :)

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