Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Princess Answers Questions

     Below are the answers from my princess:

1. How old are you?
     I will be 19 years old on the 2nd day of the fifth month.
2. What do you look like?
     I carry in my veins the blood of kings.  So, naturally, my hair is a light color, and it is long.  My eyes are blue or green, depending on my dress and mood. My hands are small and soft.  I look like a princess; I am royal.
3. Do you have any friends?
     Whom is my equal?  My parents are above me, although you may consider them my friends.  Everyone else is below me.  I greet the children of our noblemen with proper courtesy.  I wave to the populace in the rare public event.  I confess I sometimes interact with my royal servants: Hatach, or the Dressmaker, or others...but those cannot be called friendships.  A princess is not expected to fraternize with anyone.
4. What is your biggest flaw?
     This one is a difficult one for me to answer.  Princesses are not considered flawed in any respect.  But in one point I feel shame - that is that I did not care more about my people and my responsibilities.  In truth, it did not occur to me to care.  Whether that absolves me or adds to my iniquities, I will let my people ascertain.
5. What is your greatest strength?
     This one is also a difficult one for me.  But you will find that I am determined, once I set my mind to it.  I am willing to learn, if a good teacher presents himself.  And I am not often hasty, which I think will serve me in good stead in my future duties.
6. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
     I am not familiar with the second word, but I find tea can be either pleasant or otherwise, depending on the leaves used.
7. Do you like music?
    Our minstrels make fine music -- very much enjoyed by my father and myself.
8. What is your favorite thing to do?
    I like to walk in the gardens, feed the birds, dance, and listen to Hatach read.
9. What is your favorite season?
     All seasons are necessary, but I find Spring most to my liking.
10. Name a memorable event from your childhood.
     I remember one of my mother's parties.  I am not sure why it stands out in my memory -- perhaps it was the first one I was old enough to attend.  It was a costumed party, and my mother dressed me as a swan princess.  I remember the feathers around the neck, cuffs, and waist of my dress -- they were so soft.  I think I must have told my father how soft they were because I remember him saying "unlike my beard, pet?"  And I reached up and rubbed his beard, laughing in delight at its scratchiness.  My mother pursed her lips over our absurdity, but I think there was some small part in her that wanted to join in our fun anyway.
11. Have you any siblings?
     No, none.
12. What is your greatest fear?
     I am not a fearful person.  What have I had to fear in my life?  But I have a repugnance for grossness.  I don't know if you can call that a fear or not, but I hate things that are slimy and disgusting.
13. What is something you think you are good at?  Someday I will be good at ruling a kingdom...
14. What is your name?  For some reason, my author has not seen fit to release that information.  But I assure you that someone will announce it when she changes her mind.
15. Do you have any pets?  There are wild birds that come to my window when I call, but I have nothing else that you might consider a pet.

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