Monday, March 17, 2014

Writing with Multiple POVs

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     What is a POV?  POV stands for "Point of View".  We use it to mean the perspective from which a book is written -- more specifically, which character's perspective.   Huckleberry Finn is written from Huck's perspective.  The chapter in Little Women when Meg goes to parties with her rich friends is written from Meg's point of view.
     A good point of view sees everything that is happening through the eyes of your POV character.  What would that character notice?  How would that character describe what he sees?  This flavors even the narrative in his section of the book.
     Many books have only one POV.  My BB project will have multiple POVs.
     I recently asked Anne-girl to write a post about managing multiple POVs.  This is something in which she has had experience, and I love the way she structures things.  I knew she would have some good tips.  Here is the link to her post on the subject: The Torch Passes .  Enjoy!
     Have you anything else to add?  What do you think of books you have read (or written) with multiple POVs.

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