Friday, March 7, 2014

The Villain Answers Questions

Here are the answers to the questions for my villain:

1. Who are you?
     I am a man of great talent and experience.
2. How did you become a villain?
     Ahh, why do people jump to use the v-word?  I personally do not see myself as a villain.  I have done much for this kingdom.  Does anyone thank me?  Does anyone recognize my greatness?  No.  Regardless of my sacrifices, they will only say that I have done my duty to my superiors.  I have had enough of these people who think they are so far above me for no reason other than pedigree.  Their loyalties lie with bloodlines and not with true greatness.  They underestimate me.  They are the villains.
3. What is your greatest strength?  My strength is an ability to play a part -- any part -- as needed.  It is the most vital -- and the most rewarding -- part of my plot.
4. How do you face opposition?  It makes me angry.  I hate to be thwarted.  However, if I can keep my temper quiet long enough, I will eventually find a way around the opposition.  It just takes patience.
5. What is your goal?  Justice, reward, revenge.  Revenge for the hundreds of snubs that I have felt for every day of my life.  Power, fame, glory -- this is justice and my due reward for the things I have done.  Justice, reward, revenge.

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