Monday, March 31, 2014

The Lady or the Tiger

A Malayan Tiger
(photo: Frank B. Baiamonte)
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     How many of you read this piece in school: The Lady or the Tiger by Frank Stockton?  The end both tortured and intrigued me.  The author carried me along with the story and left me pondering the decision-making processes required of myself...and of all humanity.  And, still, I do not know how the story ends -- how it ended after the author stopped talking.  I find myself thinking deep thoughts and examining the story from many angles.  There are so many meanings in its folds.
     What do you think of the author's "humility" in not presuming to tell us how the story ends?  Does it make you evaluate how you think of yourself as a writer?  Sometimes we like the feeling of power as we control our stories and, to a certain extent, the reader's thoughts.  But there are more powerful forces than we are, if only we are wise enough to not stand in the way.
     What were your thoughts on the story?

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