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That Doesn't Make Sense!

Wait a minute!
That doesn't make sense!
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     So I am looking for things in BB that don't make sense.  You know you've seen these anomalies before.  An athletic man walks for three days to get to a secret cave and then, in a climactic scene, a little boy with a limp runs to the cave in a matter of hours.  Really?  Or, in the days before electricity, a woman forbids the use of fire in her home and then proceeds to cook a nourishing soup.  Now how do you suppose she did that?
     I found one such anomaly in BB by doing separate short stories (summarizing the book) for individual characters.  I had character A tie character B in a shed somewhere.  Then character A went and did about a week's worth of activity, maybe more.  He visited some people and took a long trip and did all sort of things before returning to his captive.  When I looked at character B's story, I realized I needed to address the fact that the poor man is tied in a shed for a really long time.
      Sometimes it will be little things that don't add up correctly.  Let's say that over the course of the book, I told you these three things about Miss B's papa:
     1. He left the village as an ambitious young man, but returned 5 years later with a little daughter.
     2. His daughter is now in her late teens.
     3. He is an old man.
     Does this add up?  Of course it depends on your definition of young man and old man.  Just for the sake of argument, lets assume he was 20 when he left home.  We'll add 20 years to that for his daughter to grow up.  That makes him 40 years old, which is not old.
     So, in this case, I probably need to either make him older when he left home or change his present age to something younger than an "old man."
     Do you see what I mean?
     When an author proofreads her book, she looks for grammar, spelling, communication, flow, and many other areas of the editing process.  But one of the areas she should examine is the does-that-make-sense area.

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